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Dry aging is a process which consists of hanging ribs of beef in a strict, temperature controlled environment for a certain period of time which ranges from weeks to months. During this process the meat is exposed to dehydration, resulting in moisture loss. This helps tenderize the meat as it helps the enzymes to break down the connective tissue in the muscles. As a result of this, you are left with not only an increase in flavour and a tender piece of beef, but excellent marbling too.

Here at Griffs Family Butchers, we dry age our cuts of beef; all of which are reared in Aberdeenshire, for a MINIMUM of 30 days to induce and intensify all effects of the process efficiently. We also use Himalayan salt stones to help increase the flavour.

Our aged stock includes:
Rump: £24.99 Per Kilogram             Rib of Beef: £32.99 Per Kilogram    Ribeye: £37.99 Per Kilogram           Tomahawk: £37.99 Per Kilogram
Sirloin: £35.99 Per Kilogram           
T-Bone: £35.99 Per Kilogram
Fillet: £51.99 Per Kilogram


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