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At Griffs Butchers, we attempt to offer our customers nothing less than the best, quality produce that we possibly can all year round and with inflation continuing to rise in all industries, we try our best to continue to keep our prices from fluctuating! In an attempt to do so we have many offering running including our meatpacks, 3lb deals & tenner tuesday deals to help support your bank balance & those freezers too! 

3lb of Steak Mince:
3lb of Lamb Mince:
3lb of Pork Mince:
3lb of Diced Beef:
3lb of Lamb Chops:
3lb of Back Bacon:
3lb of Pork Chops:
3lb of Pork Steaks:
3lb of Rump Steak:
3lb of Sausages:
3lb of Chicken Thighs
    & Drumsticks:
3lb of Barn Reared
    Chicken Fillets:
3lb of Free Range 
    Chicken Fillets:






Every Tuesday & Tuesday's ONLY, we offer a range of products that hold massive savings for collection! Each week we upload a selection of our meat treats to our Facebook page which can be found here, where all of the produce listed are reduced to only £10.00! The items change each week and are a popular hit with our loyal customers as we sell out on most items until the following day. The meat offered includes; rumps, sirloins, chicken fillets, sausages, mince, pork steaks, ready meal products and more & is all able to be marinated in any flavour of your choice!


At the end of every month, we run a themed week full of tasty, ready made meals which are healthy & convenient, as well as an easy way for you to show your friends and family who's really the boss of the kitchen! The theme changes every time too so keep your eyes peeled for what we have available! We upload and showcase what we have to offer on Facebook which can be found here. Take a look at our photos to see what kind of treats you're in for!

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