Our Golden Assured Christmas turkeys are supplied by the family run Rosamondford farm in the heart of north Devon Golden Assured turkeys are reared on natural high quality feeds (no drugs and growth promoters) and are free to roam the paddocks. This means happy turkeys and a tasty traditional flavour.


Of course, it's not just about turkeys  at Christmas and so we have a wide choice of cuts for your Christmas feast. Our Dorset-reared lamb and pork are a fantastic alternative and we are definitely not forgetting our 21 day matured Scotch beef, which will be the talk of the table for Christmas' to come.

* Traditional barn-reared turkey: £12.99/kg

* Free-range turkey: £14.99/kg

* Boneless turkey crown: £15.99/kg

* Bone-in turkey crown: £13.20/kg

* Dorset-reared capons (6-10lb): £7.99/kg

* Fresh geese (10-15lb): £15.45/kg

* Fresh duck (4-7lb): £7.99/kg

* 28 day matured Scotch rib of beef: £26.99/kg

* 28 day matured Scotch topside beef: £15.99/kg

* Dorset-reared leg of lamb: £14.99/kg

* Dorset-reared rolled leg of pork: £7.99/kg

* Cooked ham: £17.99/kg

* Honey-glazed ham: £19.99/kg

* Pigs in blankets (x12): £7.99 per tray

* Pork sausage & cranberry stuffing balls (x12): £5.99 per tray

*1lb pork sausage meat £4.99 each


*Minimum deposit of £20 required for each order*