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Experience the true taste of Christmas this year with Griffs, where quality & flavour shine through!  Our turkeys are supplied by Steve & 3 generations of his family from Rosamondford farm in North Devon. Steve is as passionate as us at delivering only the best Gold standard turkeys with the highest welfare, unmatched flavour & uncompromising quality. Their turkeys are ALL reared on natural, high quality feeds and free to roam the paddocks, so that means NO drugs, NO growth promoters and NO added water! This means we can offer you turkeys full of tasty traditional flavour from produce which have lived happy lives. Sounds like quality meat worth serving this Christmas! 
Of course, it's not just about turkeys though.We have a wide range of other cuts and produce to offer you for your Christmas feast! Choose from our naturally reared & locally sourced, Dorset lamb and pork joints or even our capons,  Oh, and don't forget our 30 day, dry aged matured tender ribs of beef , as well as our 28 day matured cuts of topside beef! And if that's not enough to get you in the christmas spirit, then why not try our delicious shop cooked honey glazed or natural Hams along with your cheese board & chutneys this will guarantee you will eat like kings & queens well into the festive period. & last but not least why not indulge in our mouthwatering shop-made Pigs in blankets! These delectable bites of joy are the perfect addition to your Christmas feast. shop-made


- Traditional Barn-Reared Turkey: £15.99 P/KG
- Free-Range Turkey: £17.99 P/KG
-  Boneless Turkey Crown: £18.99 P/KG
- Bone-In Turkey Crown: £14.99 P/KG
- Dorset-Reared Capons (6-10lb): £9.99 P/KG
- 28 Day Matured Ribs of Beef: £32.99 P/KG
- 28 Day Matured Topside Beef: £18.99 P/KG
- Dorset-Reared Leg of Lamb: £17.99 P/KG
- Dorset-Reared Rolled Leg of Pork: £9.99 P/KG
- Cooked Ham: £18.99 P/KG
- Honey-Glazed Ham: £19.99 P/KG
- Pigs in Blankets (x10): £9.99 Per Tray
Pork Sausage & Cranberry Stuffing Balls (x10): £6.99 Per Tray
- 1lb Pork Sausage Meat £5.99 Each                                


Orders can be made via:
- Email:
- Phone: 01202 605172

- The orders & enquiries page on our website


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